Photo: Verendus

Verendus - Revolutionizing the Industry with Zaver

In the world of leisure vehicles, payment solutions and customer satisfaction are of utmost importance. Dick Darelid, as the COO and founder of Verendus, is keenly aware of this vital dynamic. Verendus is the trailblazer in business systems for dealers of leisure vehicles such as motorhomes, boats, motorcycles, ATVs, and snowmobiles. With Verendus DMS, they cover all aspects of the dealer's operations, from vehicle sales to workshop, cash programs, and e-commerce.

A Perfect Fit for Customers' Operations

When it was time for Verendus to find a partner for remote payments, Zaver stood out as the obvious choice, perfectly aligned with what their customers need for their operations. At the first meeting, Dick immediately got a professional and agile impression, and after some parallel pilot projects with selected customers, it was confirmed that Zaver was the right choice for the dealers.

Our customers' feedback truly confirms Zaver's positive impact.
Dick Darelid
COO and Founder

A Partnership Built on Quality

Dick explains that the collaboration with Zaver has been very satisfying. Zaver's solution-oriented approach, flexibility, and modern technology platform have been crucial for the development and operation of the integration. Moreover, they have provided valuable support during customer interactions and the startup process for their mutual clients. By integrating Zaver's payment link for transactions in vehicle deals, workshop orders, and in-store customer orders, they have streamlined their payment processes and significantly enhanced the customer experience.

Positive Impact on the Business

“Our customers' feedback truly confirms Zaver's positive impact," says Dick. A quote from one of our customers who has been using Zaver for a few months: "With Zaver, we have access to multiple payment solutions on one platform. Especially with rising costs everywhere, it feels good to offer our customers more payment options like installments and invoices. And with just a few clicks, we see that the customer has signed, and we are guaranteed the money. We are pleased to have been pioneers/testers in this project, and the collaboration with both Zaver and Verendus has been very smooth."