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Frequently asked questions.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact us and we will be happy to help. If you have a question about a payment, we recommend reaching out through the app.

What’s the pricing?

Getting started with Zaver is super simple. Just get in touch with us and we’ll provide you with all necessary information including pricing based on your conditions.

How often do you make disbursements, and when will I receive the funds?

We make daily payouts, which in most cases means that the funds are at your disposal during the same business day, sometimes even within minutes. Our ambition is to make sure you receive the funds as fast as possible, regardless of the chosen payment method. 

Do I need to integrate the service into my accounting or sales systems?

Nope, no need! Many businesses are using our web based “Plug & Play”-solution without any integration. Although, you do have the possibility to use our super intuitive REST-API:s.

Do you charge a license fee per user?

Nein. Create as many Zaver users you want, without being charged extra per active user. In our merchant portal “Zaver for Business”, you’ll also be able to handle permissions, business information and daily reports to name a few things

Do the consumer need to download the app to make a payment?

No matter if using our “Pay link” or e-commerce checkout, the customer will finish the payment on a web browser. On their phone, or desktop.

Which banks do you accept if my customer chooses to pay by “Direct debit”?

Today we accept all the big consumer banks in Sweden. If your customer is using a bank we don’t accept, the “pay later” method can be used to finalize the payment right away. For free, of course.

Which payment methods can I offer through Zaver?

With Zaver, your customer can choose to pay with the most popular payment methods. Swish, Pay later, Pay over time, or Direct debit.

How much can I shop for if I “pay later” or “pay over time”?

Your spending power is an estimated amount based on factors such as credit, age, payment history and your outstanding balance. You need to be at least 18 years old in order to use this payment method.

If you download the Zaver-app you can get a predefined notice about your spending power before making a purchase.

When (and how) do I receive my invoice?

If you plan to “pay later”, your invoice will be generated 1-2 days after you’ve finished the payment. If you choose to “pay over time” you’ll receive the invoice no later than the 18th of the coming month.

We will notify you in the Zaver-App, and you’ll also receive your invoices over SMS and e-mail. Still can’t find the invoice? Get in touch and we’ll help you out.

Where can I see my transactions?

With the Zaver app you’ll have everything in one place. You can scroll through past, present and future payments and be in total control of your transactions.

If you’ve chosen “pay later” or “pay over time” as your payment method, your invoices will also be sent to the email address and phone number submitted at the moment of the purchase.

The amount of my purchase is greater than my bank's amount limit allows. What do I do?

The fastest way to finish your purchase is to choose “Pay later” as payment method. It’s completely free when you pay within 14-days.  ✌️

You can also talk to your bank if you need to increase your transaction limit. 

How do you use my data?

It is essential that you feel safe when you pay with Zaver or use our services. All transactions are encrypted and we work continuously to prevent fraud, fake e-mails, and identity theft.

We also ensure that your payment information, purchase history and personal information are secure. How we use your personal information can be found in our privacy policy.

Can I pay off my installment plan early?

Of course! Get in touch and we will send you a final invoice.

Do you wish to make a complaint?

Customer satisfaction is our highest priority - if you are dissatisfied we are happy to help you.

You can file a formal complaint if you are of the opinion that we have managed your matter incorrectly. We have a dedicated customer service team that aims to handle complaints promptly, effectively and with due care. We also have a person responsible for complaints and adhere to applicable rules and regulations regarding handling of complaints. Complaints regarding our services can be filed with us through the chat service in our app,  by contacting us by e-mail info@zaver.se or phone +46 (0)8-551 062 60.

If you are dissatisfied and have received our final response, you can submit your complaint in any official language of the European Union through the ODR-platform provided by the European Commission, which you can find here:  https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/. You can also file a lawsuit at a general court.