Photo: City Dental

City Dental - Alternative payment methods help patients.

City Dental is Sweden's largest private dental clinic. The company utilises the most modern equipment and the latest technology in dentistry. Their experienced dentists (who together speak over 40 languages) always deliver qualified dental care at the lowest possible price. Since 2005, City Dental has been located in central Stockholm.

Higher prices for major treatments.

Even a dental clinic that usually offers dental care at the lowest possible prices sometimes needs to conduct major treatments at higher price points. To make these treatments as accessible as possible to customers, City Dental needed a financing solution where they, in a frictionless and simple way, could offer a number of different payment options, even for higher price points.

We have noted that our customers are very satisfied with being able to choose payment methods on their own terms, and more patients can afford major treatments.
City Dental, Stockholm
Anna Käll

Easier to split the cost.

The need to be able to offer customers installment plans or credits for major treatments became clear and therefore City Dental decided to integrate Zaver as a payment solution. With Zaver, City Dental has been able to offer customers the ability to pay at their own pace, interest-free for up to 24 months, with the objective that everyone should have the right to good dental care. With Zaver’s solution, City Dental receives the full amount directly, and the customer pays monthly to Zaver.

The opportunity to receive dental care creates satisfied customers.

As a consequence of implementing a new payment solution, City Dental has noted that their customers are generally very satisfied with being able to choose payment methods on their own terms and, above all, that more patients now can afford major treatments, which they otherwise might have had to forgo. No wonder customers exit City Dental clinics with a smile on their face!